Ankara Regional Plan 2014-2023

Ankara Development Agency has started a multi dimensional regional planning since December 2010. Ankara Regional Plan is highly important for Ankara with regard to developing participation and ownership, leading  for development process, drawing the picture of the region that is more livable and guiding to the political priorities of local institutions.


It aims to reach long term targets with limited resources and to determine a road map for development.


It focus on human being and is leaded with local stakeholders.


It aims to understand region with geographical, social and cultural dimensions, to decrease intra-regional differences in terms of development with spatial strategies and to mobilize local potantial.


It takes up Ankara region with an integrated approach by taking into account the relations in between rural and urban, developed and underdeveloped layers,

It reviews all the plans made in local and national plans for Ankara,

It provides some opportunities for setting up horizontal connections and bring all local actors in region.


It has been modified and renewed in parallel with changing regional conditions since it implemented.

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