Regional development in Ankara denotes that the blessing of civilization spreading evenly to all territory in particular to villages.  The citizens of Ankara can surely live wherever they want to. What we have to do as a part of our obligation is to provide the required civil services adequately to all neighbourhoods and to enhance the quality of life.

Ankara Development Agency has therefore gone into action in providing all kind of support for enhancing the quality of life, increasing the income level, developing satisfactorily innovative and sustainable development solutions.

Ankara Development Agency shall considerably improve the collaboration between public sector, private sector, local administrations and civil society organizations, ensure the efficient and appropriate utilization of resources and stimulating local potential, accelerate regional development and mitigate inter/intra-regional differences of development in line with the national development plan and principles.

To see Ankara as a world city is a target for all of us. May the Ankara Regional Development Agency be auspicious for Ankara citizens.


Alâaddin YÜKSEL
Governor of Ankara
Ankara Development Agency
Head of the Board


Aşağı Öveçler Mah. 1322. Cad. No: 11
06460 Çankaya / ANKARA/TURKEY


+90 312 310 03 00


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